ResponsivEbooks™ - A social innovation platform for transforming inspiring ideas into meaningful actions.

Call for applications

After two years of research, we created a social innovation platform which will enable you and your colleagues to better engage with customers by promoting what you care about the most: the values of your organisation.

How will we make it happen? Through an engaging teamwork exercise where your team will have the chance to:

  • Promote organisational awareness - The process will engage employees to work around your vision and develop convergent organisational goals.
  • Develop the sense of fulfilment - the rbook is a reliable instrument for self-branding which can open new career opportunities.
  • Promote workplace authenticity - employees can freely express and work around what matters the most for their own development.

Introducing the ResponsivEbook™

This is an innovative online tool to leverage the power of self-awareness. Develop the right evidence around your ideas and help your community reach meaningful insights through impact-driven topics.

As part of our campaign launch, we want to support 3 organisations to develop a responsive book. If you are willing to:

  • Transform your organisational experience into an engaging ResponsivEbook
  • Create a social tool which can boost your CSR strategy
  • Benefit from a tailored organisational coaching process to develop your ideas
  • Publish at least one brief ResponsivEbook six months from now

Then, please do apply!

What does your organisation value the most?

Which is the most important lesson learned by your organisation and why could it inspire a community?

What makes you a great team?

Selected applicants will be informed via email. For more details concerning the book development process, please email your enquiries to: