ResponsivEbooks™ - A social innovation platform for transforming inspiring ideas into meaningful actions.

Call for applications

We have our own stories around the work we do or the ideals we would like to achieve in a lifetime. But when it comes to writing our story, books no longer seem to provide the fulfillment we are longing for. Do you believe in the power of your ideas? You can now easily translate your experience into a useful instrument for positive change. Reach out to those who need you the most and help them become more mindful about the life they are living.

Introducing the ResponsivEbook™

This is an innovative ebook for leveraging the power of self-awareness. Develop your ideas using an evidence-based structure that triggers meaningful insights around the most relevant topics for community development.

Step out and tell your storry. You might be one of the first 10 authors who will soon transform the way we relate with the books we are reading.

As part of our campaign launch, we want to support 10 engaging minds in developing a ResponsiveBook. If you are willing to:

  • Transform your research findings into an engaging ResponsivEbook
  • Benefit from a tailored coaching process to develop your idea
  • Publish a ResponsivEbook six months from no

Then, please do apply!

What would you like to write about?

What could the community learn from your approach?

What makes you a great writer?

Selected applicants will be informed via email. For more details concerning the book development process, please email your enquiries to: